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Project Description:

On October 15, 2020, the LEN sampling team conducted sampling work on the NINGBO ZHONGMENG’s ship based on the VGP 2013 standard in Lanshan Port. There were 3 VGP inspection items, 1 sample, and the sampling time was 0.5h. On October 20, 2020, the LEN laboratory completed the test work for the VGP 2013 standard at the Yantai base, with 3 test items and a report period of 5d. Overall test result: qualified.


Customer Reviews:

The LEN team’s service this time made us very satisfied. This time, our ship was fully loaded at Lanshan Port and the ballast water was inspected at the same time. We were worried that the inspection could not be carried out due to insufficient docking time. Through the professional, meticulous and efficient communication of the LEN team, we successfully completed the sampling work within the port time. We are deeply impressed by the good service attitude, professional technical ability, and efficient communication of the LEN team. We believe that there will be more and more cooperation in the future.

To sum up:

This service item is the VGP routine test after the transformation of the UV-type cargo ship. Special attention should be paid to aseptic operation in sampling and testing to ensure compliance with VGP 2013 requirements. Due to the short docking time of the ship, we contacted the chief engineer on board in advance, communicated and confirmed the ship's dynamics in time, arranged reasonable preparations for sampling, and efficiently used the ship's docking time to successfully complete the sampling work within the ship's time. The laboratory conducts tests in strict accordance with the standards and issues reports in time.