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Qingdao EN-LEN Testing Technology Co., Ltd (Short for LEN), belongs to Shandong CLK Testing Group. Gathered both Biology lab of CLK in Yantai and Chemical lab of LEN testing in Qingdao, LEN set up 4 separate OP Center in China, aiming to be the best and most professional marine&ship testing service provider in China.

Our core vision and main business strategy are comprehensive, transparent, flexible and efficient. In the future, we will focus on offering more tailored testing services and application of suitable method on indicative detection. Through this, we aim to boost the efficiency of order processing and flexibility of the business models. We are confident in meeting the dynamic development requests and regulatory requirements from BWMS manufacturers, shipowners, and government agencies all around the world.

LEN will continue to forge close working relationships with classification such as DNV, research institutes such as Marine Biological Research Institute of Japan and information platforms such as Global TestNet to maintain information sharing and technical communication. We ensure that our service will always keep up to trend with the latest technologies.

A bluer ocean, greater diverse marine life and a more complete marine ecosystem are valuable gifts to our future generations. We wish work together with you to protect it.