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NYK Line

Project Description:

On August 3, 2020, the LEN sampling team conducted sampling work on NYK line’s ship based on IMO, D-2 standards and VGP 2013 standards in Zhoushan. There were 5 IMO inspection items, 5 samples, sampling time 1.5h, issued on the same day 1 indicative analysis report; 9 VGP test items, 5 samples, sampling time 0.5h. On August 10, 2020, the LEN laboratory completed the test work for IMO and D-2 standards at the Yantai base, with 3 test items and a report period of 7 days. Overall test result: qualified


Customer Reviews:

The professional and meticulous service of LEN helped us solve the last problem of ballast water equipment installation. Previously, we were very worried that the surveyor would not pass the survey due to the installation and commissioning of ballast water equipment, and we were worried that the long sampling time would affect the ship schedule. The engineers of LEN actively and patiently solved various problems for us, and organized sampling preparation work in an orderly manner, and communicated with us in real time about the detection situation. With strong professional technical support, it provides solutions for various possible problems, leaving sufficient time for communication with shipyards, shipowners, and classification societies. This time the cooperation is very pleasant and I sincerely look forward to the next cooperation.

To sum up:

This service project is the commissioning test after the transformation of the electrolytic container ship. Sampling and testing should pay special attention to the detection of Organisms: ≥50 µm items to ensure compliance with the requirements of <10 / m3 in the IMO D-2 standard. Before the start of sampling, the LEN sampling team got in touch with the ship one week in advance, and actively cooperated with the ship to confirm the ship's status and equipment operation and commissioning in advance to ensure that all sampling conditions were met before boarding. At the same time, possible problems and solutions are preset, and enough time is reserved to deal with emergencies. In accordance with the requirements of the ship inspection, this sampling conducted an indicative analysis on the spot, and informed the results in time and issued a report. The remaining samples are stored at low temperature in a biosafety transport box and quickly returned to the laboratory for analysis and testing.